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Birdwatching in Port Blair: Full & Half Day

Birdwatching in Port Blair tour prices vary according to the destination you wish to visit. Full-day tours being great value for money. however, the half day trips are poorer value. because, the guides usually end up doing large mileage even for such a short trip. But a short half day is best for people who wish to try birdwatching as an experience. Most people travel single, or as couples. and sometimes they bring their own small group or families along. Please refer to the advertised birdwatching in Port Blair tours for prices. and where prices are not advertised, please contact us and we will inform you of these prices.

Tour costs

Price: Variable, Please see below

The Guide Fee for 1 Day is 3500 for a 1-2 person plus 500 per additional person, if you provide a vehicle and cover all the expenses (Entrance Fee, Ferry Tickets, Fuel etc. for you and the guide). You can add an additional ₹4000 for us to provide our vehicle, experienced driver and take care of all the expenses.

Birdwatching in Andaman : Full Day Tour

Generally involves two birding sessions. Morning Session in the Forest Habitat and  a Afternoon Session at Wetlands.

Our bird guide will receive you from your hotel in Port Blair at 6.00 am. We drive to either Chidiyatapu, Shoal Bay or Ferrargunj for our morning birding session. You are likely to see Andaman Endemic birds, like Andaman Shama, Andaman Bulbul. Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Coucal. Andaman Drongo and some resident birds like Freckle-breasted Woodpecker, Black-naped Monarch etc. We then return back to hotel for Lunch.

Post Lunch,  We visit Sippighat Wetlands at 2.30 pm. Here we see the Water birds and waders namely Andaman Teal. Cotton Teal, Watercock, Pacific Golden Plover, Red-throated Pipit. Long-toed Stint, Red-necked Stint, Whimbrel, Yellow and Cinnamon Bittern, Pin-tailed Snipe etc. Our Bird Guide then drop you back at hotel after sunset.

Please Note: For multiple days of Birdwatching in Port Blair. Please refer our standard Birdwatching in Andaman itinerary, or otherwise email us to customize your tour as per your needs.

Birdwatching in Port Blair: Half Day Tour

Generally involves one birding session. and can be done as either Morning Session, Afternoon Session or Night Session for Owl watching.

Similar to our full day birdwatching in Port Blair. Our Bird Guide will pick you from hotel at Port Blair. Then we travel to a Forest habitat usually in the morning. or Wetland generally during afternoon sessions to spot birds like Andaman Coucal, Andaman Shama. Andaman Serpent Eagle, Andaman Treepie. Changeable Hawk Eagle, Andaman Teals. Lesser Whistling Ducks. Yellow Bittern, Watercock, Blue-eared Kingfisher. Collared Kingfisher.

For our Owl Watching Tour, we start the tour as late as 4.30 p.m. and drive to a forest habitat. where we are likely to see Andaman Hawk Owl. Hume’s Hawk Owl, Oriental Scops Owl depending on the luck.

Tour costs

Price: Variable, Please see below

The Guide Fee for Half Day is ₹2500 for a 1-2 person plus 500 per additional person. if you provide a vehicle and cover all the expenses, (Entrance Fee, Ferry Tickets, Fuel etc. for you and the guide). You can add an additional 2000  for us to provide our vehicle, experienced driver and take care of all the expenses.

Please Note: We always recommend you to use our vehicle as our drivers are trained to drive for wildlife tours. They often acting as an extra pair of eyes to spot birds, or provide assistance carrying the heavy telephoto lenses on field.

Learn more about our Multi-Day Andaman Endemics Birding Tour

We strongly recommend that you to book birdwatching in Port Blair far in advance. 

At certain times of the year our Andaman bird guides get booked particularly far in advance. but even at the best of times we recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

On the other hand, we can often accommodate you even if you book a week in advance, (sometimes even the day before).

You are required to pay a 25% an as advance to confirm your tour Dates. You are welcome to pay the remaining during the tour. 

Please note: Any of these 1-day tours can be run as 1-day photographic birding tours. – to convert them into birding photo tours we modify the sites visited and slow down the pace.

We run our birdwatching tour in Port Blair privately at any time. and we can also arrange Birdwatching in Havelock. Middle Andaman  & North Andaman Island to suit your needs! 

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