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Bird watching in Andaman (5 Nights)

Andaman birding revolves around the capital city, “Port Blair.“. Visit an array of habitats, from Tropical Evergreen Rainforest to Mangroves and Wetlands, all drivable distances from Port Blair, essentially covering most Endemic, Resident, and Migratory Birds. 

Birding in Andaman-Tribesmen.in-Shakti

Birdwatching in Little Andaman (7 Nights)

Travel 8 hours on a Ferry to Hut Bay. Spend couple of days exploring the tranquil habitats looking for Andaman Endemics and along with possible sighting of the magnificent Nicobar Pigeon and Beach Thick-knee.  Return to Port Blair after couple of days to cover all Endemics. 

Nicobar Endemics Tour (13 Nights)

Embark on a 36-hour journey to India’s southernmost island, “Great Nicobar”. Home to  7 Nicobar Endemic Birds like Nicobar Megapode, Nicobar Scops Owl, Nicobar Parakeet, etc. and Mammals like Nicobar Tree Screw & Crab-eating Macaques. 

Birding in Andaman Islands-Tribesmen.in-Shakti

Andaman Birding (Day Tours)

For every birder who is visiting the island with their family and want to seek out to explore the birds with limited time in hand or for people who want to try Birdwatching as an experience. Opt for our full-day or half-day tour.

Note: We Offer Day Trips at Port Blair & Havelock Island


Some of the commonly asked Questions 

Although endemic birds can be seen throughout the year, We tend to avoid the Monsoon months for birding (June–August). Birding season starts from mid-September to mid-April, with peak birding months being December, January & February for endemics, residents and migrants

If you have never done birdwatching before, please contact us and ask us more about what a birding tour really involves before booking with us. 

Please refer to specific tour details. Generally, but not always, the tour price includes accommodation, meals, vehicle transport and fuel, entrance fees, ferry tickets and guide fees. Tour prices exclude camera tickets, beverages, laundry fees, any additional/optional activities (not specified as such in the itinerary),  and items of a personal nature, such as gifts and souvenirs. The tour price does not include your  flight tickets to the Andamans.

Day 1 is usually arrival day, and the last day of the tour only involves airport shuttles. Many people prefer to arrive early and/or leave late. We can indeed book extra nights before and after the trip, and we in fact recommend you let us book them, as it avoids confusion and allows us to book accommodation that is most convenient for the tour (usually the same resort used during the tour)

English for foreign nationals and/or in regional Indian languages (Hindi or Tamil), depending on the client’s preference on a private tour.

Please kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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